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The story of what is now the Orangeburg Country Club began in 1921.

A group of Orangeburg residents expressed a desire at that time to have a golf course. A year later, the state granted a charter for the endeavor. Club members purchased 142 acres of land known as the Taylor property that extended from Broughton and Middleton Streets to the Edisto River.

Soon after, construction began on the golf course, clubhouse, three tennis courts, a boardwalk and a bathhouse. Land was cleared for the swimming area and outside the clubhouse stood the forerunner of the pro shop.

Dr. C.A. Mobley was the first president and he was succeeded by R.H. Jennings, Sr. The original golf course had sand greens. In 1933, the club switched to grass greens.

The club’s movement toward its modern day renaissance started in the 1960’s when members accepted an offer by Andrew David Griffith to construct an 18-hole championship golf course, an Olympic-style swimming pool and two soft texture tennis courts along the Edisto River.  The offer also included $100,000 and nearly 200 acres (the present site of OCC) in exchange for the original club site.  Griffith used the land he received in exchange to build homes.

Members selected famed Pinehurst, N.C. architect Ellis Maples to build the new course in 1959.  Two years later, Maples finished his work and the course was opened to the public.

An article in the Orangeburg The Times and Democrat covered the grand opening noting the club “featured a mixture of wide and narrow fairways, treacherously trapped greens, tree-lined and broom straw boundaries over greatly rolling hills.”

The club continues to grow and prosper.  Many improvements have been made over the years.

In fall 2009, the golf course – under the new leadership of Pin High Visions – was redesigned by award-winning architect Richard Mandell who returned to the course back to its original Ellis Maples’ design.  A new clubhouse, tennis courts and pool were constructed shortly thereafter.

Our amenities remain the absolute finest in the area and serve as a backdrop for recreation and social events in the Orangeburg community and beyond.