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Dress Code

General Dress Code: The Orangeburg Country Club expects both men and women to dress in proper golf attire. Men and boys (beginning at age 10) must wear shirts with collars – no tee shirts. Golf shorts (just above the knee) are permitted for men and women. Short shorts, jogging shorts, bike shorts, athletic shorts, coaching shorts, cut-off jeans, tank top shirts, halter tops, and swimsuits are not permitted in the Clubhouse, on the golf course, or elsewhere on the Club premises. Blue jeans with no visible rips are allowed in the dining room. Exceptions are the appropriate attire for swimming and tennis complexes; however, such attire is restricted to those areas.

Blackwater Grille: General dress code applies. Caps and hats are prohibited for gentlemen.

Clubhouse Bar: Golf and tennis attire are permitted in the Bar. Swimming attire is not allowed in the Bar.

Tennis Attire: Accepted tennis clothing and shoes are required.

Prohibited clothing includes shoes not made specifically for wear on tennis courts, blue jeans, ragged sweatsuits, cut-off jeans, etc. Shirts without collars are acceptable.

Swim Complex: Appropriate swimming attire is required. Please remember that swimming attire cannot be worn other places on the Club premises. It is important to have shirts and shoes to wear elsewhere on the Club premises.

Country Club Dress Code