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The only true dogleg on the front nine and the second par five. The green complex is protected by two fairway bunkers that are 50 yards short of the green. A large green awaits the long hitter who may attempt to hit this green in two shots.


Late in the day, this par four has the sun setting behind the green, providing a great view. The fairway gently begins sloping towards the green-front water hazard at about 180 yards from the green.


Multiple tee boxes provide many angles from which to play this par three. The green is deeper than it looks from the tee, where it appears to be very shallow.


The accurate driver will have the advantage off the tee. The trees pinch the fairway in the landing area, then the hole opens on the left side to give plenty of room. A large green awaits the approach shot, and the back side of the green is a large downslope.


A decently struck drive puts the player in a position to face the challenge of this par four- the shallow green. The approach shot with a mid-iron needs to find the green, which is protected by two bunkers in the front and drops off steeply in the back.


The challenge of this par three is the long green that is four clubs deep. Bunkers on both sides frame the green and grab the off-line shot.


The first of our par fives, this hole tempts the long hitter with a chance to hit the green in two with a well-struck shot over the pond located in front of the green.


Starting your round is a friendly warm-up hole that allows the player plenty of room off the tee before hitting a mid-iron to a large green.